Why Attend PETS

President Elect (PE)

Every Rotary Club President-Elect is required to participate in President-Elect training each year. Midwest PETS respects the rule but designs the three day conference to truly benefit the attendees providing opportunities to learn about the breadth of Rotary and share ideas with fellow Rotarians.

As a six-district President-eElect training seminar, Midwest PETS can attract engaging, motivating speakers and the best trainers and facilitators from each of the districts. The curriculum is frequently updated so new ideas are presented and discussed.

President-Elect Nominee (PN)

So much is covered in the three days, President-Elect nominees (PN) are encouraged to attend and have a separate training track so the next year of training as a President-Elect is not redundant.  PN’s leave Midwest PETS prepared to create a 15 month plan so when it is their year to serve as club president a vision of what the club can do in one year is already in place.

Club Secretary

Club Secretaries are also strongly encouraged to attend to learn about new tools. A separate training track specifically designed for Club Secretaries will strongly help them with leadership transition year after year.

Assistant Governor

Assistant Governors get an excellent opportunity to work directly with the Club Presidents they’re going to serve in the future. Being a part of their training and having the opportunity to connect and collaborate at Midwest PETS helps lay the foundation for a Rotary friendship that’s built on trust and mutual success. A separate training track specifically designed for Assistant Governors offers educational content and leadership training to help them in this important role.

Rotaract Leadership is Welcome Too!

Rotaract Club PEs, PNs and Secretaries are also welcome. If you’re a Rotaractor and want to get connected to this first class educational experience, please reach out to your District Leadership to see how you can take the next step!

What previous attendees have said about PETS:

The required Midwest PETS training was very worthwhile.  The event was well organized and stayed on schedule.  The accommodations and meals were top notch.  Speakers from across the country were excellent and the classes were all on topics relevant to current Rotary issues.  The best part of the three day conference was meeting other incoming presidents from the zone and getting to know a number of those whose clubs are in close proximity to mine in the district.  Our plans are to collaborate on several projects in the coming year.  I feel more confident, more excited, and better prepared to begin my year as club President as a result of PETS.

Bob McConnell

2017-18 Club President

The only thing overwhelming about PETS is that I was not mentally prepared for what I was in for. PETS training far exceeded in a very positive manner of what I was in for and had a great weekend training for the role as president. At no time, was I ever uncomfortable or “bored” with any of the material. I found it engaging and didn’t feel any pressure to impress upon anyone my input. It was completely equal across the board. The value of networking was also great. I had been able to network with not only other clubs in my district, but also other clubs in the Chicago area. No doubt did I also discover new friendships, but these new friendships and the mission of Rotary also inspired my wife to become a Rotarian as she was also in attendance this weekend. Thank you RI and your accomplishments and I look forward to being a life-long Rotarian.

I highly recommend any Rotary President-Elect or President-Nominee make the time to attend PETS. The benefits of PETS are numerous. The first is the depth of knowledge gained about Rotary International, its structure, function and how local clubs are vital to the success of Rotary International. Just the topics of the break-out sessions help you to start thinking about the nitty-gritty of your future role as club president (for example, Strategic Planning, Membership Feedback, Club Public Relations). Another incredible benefit is the connections that you can make with other future Presidents. PETS provides a built-in venue to start building relationships to support you in your year as President. The time spent with other future presidents from your own area brings a lot of energy and brainstorming. I can’t imagine stepping into the role of Club President without the knowledge, relationships and confidence that came from attending two PETS.

Bob McConnell

2017-18 Club President

Why goal setting is important:

Goals that are not identified are often not met.

Roger Utnehmer

District Governor Elect, Rotary District 6220

Setting clear and specific goals is essential to all organizations, including Rotary. Goals help Rotarians identify what they want to achieve and establish a roadmap to bring those desired achievements to fruition.

Todd Restel

District Governor Elect, Rotary District 6250

Rotarians, especially those in leadership roles, are exceptional people who are results- and achievement-oriented. Further, they are effective, and therefore mindful of the time, treasure, and talent, that they demand of themselves and others. Goal setting is a rudimentary step that such people use to maximize that achievement and minimize the resources that must be brought to bear.

Peter Bosch

District Governor Elect, Rotary District 6270

Goals are a magnet for organizational energy. They define our destination and give cause for celebration at their accomplishment.

John Hurley

District Governor Elect, Rotary District 6420

Goals give you a stated endpoint and keep you focused and motivated in achieving them.

Thor Davidson

District Governor Elect, Rotary District 6440

Entering specific goals helps to make them achievable. It will help you be able to communicate them to your members and share in the action planning needed to reach them. You will be able to track progress and celebrate their accomplishment, which will strengthen the club and provide fulfillment to your members about what you have accomplished together.

Rachel Ossyra

District Governor Elect, Rotary District 6450