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2023 Session Resources

2023 Plenary Speaker Videos


Gordon McInally, Rotary International President 2023-2024


Greg Podd, Rotary International Foundation Trustee


Amanda Ottman – Rotary Tool Box


Valerie Wafer, Past Rotary International Vice President – DEI


Dorri McWhorter – Leadership


Tom Farley – Mental Health


John Williams – Mental Health


2022 Session Resources

2022 Session Recordings

2022 Plenary Speaker Videos


Jennifer Jones, Rotary International President 2022-23


Tom Gump – Starting New Clubs


Alex Johnson  – Growing Your Club

Razia Jan – Educating Girls in Afghanistan


Ian Risely – The Rotary Foundation and the 7th Area of Focus



2021 Plenary Speaker Videos


Jennifer Jones, Rotary International President 2022-23


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel


Shekar Mehta, Rotary International President 2021-22


MEGA PETS Elective & Training Session Recordings


Strengthening Your Membership Elective


Working With Leadership Elective


Rotaract Elective Session


Strengthening Your Membership PE Training


Working With Leadership PE Training


Conflict Management Returning PE Session


Midwest PETS President-Nominee Session 1


Midwest PETS President-Nominee Session 2


Midwest PETS President-Nominee Session 3


2020 Midwest PETS Program (PDF)

2020 Plenary Speaker Videos


Tom Thorfinnson, Rotary International Chief Strategic Officer


Razia Jan, Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundations


Larry Lunsford, Past Rotary International Director


Holger Knaack, Rotary International President 2020-2021


2019 Midwest PETS Program (PDF)

2019 Plenary Speaker Videos


Mitty Chang, Candeavor Creative Director & Project Manager


Michele Berg, RI Deputy General Secretary